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Toskovat` Curtain Call, 60 ml, Extract De Parfum

Toskovat` Curtain Call, 60 ml, Extract De Parfum

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Today I remembered encores and anchors.
The elder smell, hoping you would come back and we would grow together.
I still buy your favorite pralines, but never eat them. I wish my hands would clap and cheer instead of being tied.
I do not even care if it was acting anymore…I want one final act. But you never acted, as you said…
I was just watching my life fold and unfold.And now I watch again.

Note de varf:
portocala sanguina, praline de zmeura, para, soc, zahar pudra.
Note de mijloc:
magnolie, perdele de catifea, trandafir alb, iasomie narcotica, mosc.
Note de baza:
absolut de tutun, balsam de gurjun, boabe de tonka, paciuli, vanilie.

60 ml

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